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Zachary Kendall 

Zachary Kendall is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mass to Brass, with a vast knowledge and experience base in the health and fitness industry. His background in lifting, sports and overall health and wellness puts him into a unique position to help others.  Zachary is fueled by his passion for assisting and supporting others in their own pursuit of personal excellence and success. He considers himself a “student of the game”, eager to both build on his academic foundations and his own overall health, fitness and life.


Zachary’s hunger for knowledge and determination to turn that information into action has contributed to most of his success in powerlifting as well as personal training, where he has trained hundreds of people in their pursuit of their goals, as well as, training many individuals whom hold records throughout the powerlifting realm. While competing himself, Zachary also holds records in the deadlift, squat and total within his respected division and weight class.   Meanwhile, he vastly improves the productivity of his own life by growing physically and mentally in his relentless pursuit for success.


Zachary believes in winning and having a winning mindset. Having a winning mindset is the key to success, and this is not just winning a game, but in putting forth purposeful actions towards winning in every aspect of your life. In order to win you must set standards for yourself, and with those standards, you must live up to them each and every day with massive, constant and purposeful action. 


Zachary is now currently working as a health coach, powerlifting coach and personal trainer within Mass to Brass while continuing to grow and expand the company to much greater heights and ambitions to come.

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Jamal James

Jamal James is the Co-Founder of Mass to Brass and has been living and promoting a healthy lifestyle, while training for over nineteen years. With his specialization in bodybuilding, nutrition, body transformation, and lifestyle coaching; Jamal brings his unique skillset to the forefront. Having made every mistake along the way and learning the hard way, he has done all the dirty work. So, you don’t have to. 


Having spent the majority of early childhood being morbidly obese, he made the decision to make a change and devote his life towards helping others. Playing football throughout high school, accelerated his love and passion for competition and helping others. Shortly after he enlisted in the U.S. Army and on tour throughout Afghanistan. Coming home only to find himself addicted to drugs and alcohol until, once again, finding a positive outlet and making new habits within competitive Bodybuilding. 


Jamal’s life has been a series of ups and downs, just like everyone else’s. Ultimately, everything came together to make a complete 360. While he doesn’t know it all, he too considers himself a student of the game and always strives to improve upon his craft. He takes this passion extremely seriously and places his clients needs before his own. So, if you choose to work with him be ready to put in the work. This can be fun, but this is not a game. Jamal’s mission is to produce results for his clients in every single goal they set forth. 

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