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Thank you for your interest in training with us here at MASS TO BRASS! I hope you are having a great day!

There is the consult form below, fill it out to the best of your ability and we will get this ball rolling! 

     - MASS TO BRASS Team


This consult may seem like a lot, but the reason we do this process is because we want to set expectations with potential clients and let them know what to expect if they work with us. We have found this to be more involved, build deeper relationships, and make lasting changes. If we're not changing people's lives for the better, then we are wasting our talents and your time!

Our goal is to take on clients who are EXTREMELY motivated to change and get to their goal. We do our best with people who are action takers! Those willing to communicate, have an open mind and those who are willing to do and sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Please see the questions linked below for you to answer- No stress, just be as honest as you can. Based on your responses, we will then let you know if we feel it would be a good fit. If not, and we know of someone better/more capable of handling your specific needs- we will kindly let you know and give you advice on how to move forward. Either way, let’s get to work!

Up front, our coaching is not for the faint of heart, it is an investment into yourself to change, build and achieve what you never dreamed possible. Our athletes accomplish this through hard work, dedication, consistency, discipline and heart. 

Now, because we provide a lot of value, we make sure to only take on a certain number of clients in order to give everyone the attention they deserve. We like to work with people as we can, so we may discuss payment options as we move forward and we can always talk about it and see what works best for each party, no stress!

Consultation Form 

How dedicated are you to reach your goals?
Stay on the couch Try alittle 50/50Giving it a decent tryLets crush my goals!

Thanks for submitting!

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