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The online Personalized Programming is a complete, from beginning to end, customized program catered to you, your goals and your lifestyle. The program includes a progressive overload approach spanning across a desired length of time that you choose, whether that be 8, 10, 12 or more weeks. 

This is a one time purchase based upon the length of the program. 

Below is a brief overview of what's included in Personalized Programming: 

  • Programming Specialized for You & Your Goals

  • Weekly Check-In 

  • Your Choice of Coach for Programming

  • Programming Based on Equipment Accessibility

 Note - with this option, it is programming only. If you wish to have the assistance of one of our proven and experienced coaches, I implore you to visit one of our other full service coaching offers. 

Both Coach Kendall and Coach James have vast experience with all training types and offer Personalized Programming. Refer to MEET THE COACHES to get a better idea as to who would be a great coach for you! When you are ready to start, complete the CONSULTATION FORM and we will be in contact with you!

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